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Water, Sewer, Electric & more

Most properties in our service area utilize a municipal sewer system consisting of a main trunk line in which individual branch or service lines allow the waste water from your home or business to travel to a remote sewerage treatment plant. In some cases roots from nearby trees and plants are in search of water and can intrude into the joists in older pipes causing a blockage not allowing the wastewater to drain therefore causing a backup. We have the equipment to locate and repair the problem area. Some cities and towns allow residents to connect their sump pump discharge lines into the municipal storm water system, preventing sump pump water from discharging onto the surface and potentially reducing the homeowner’s liability, particularly in the winter when this water may freeze.


Whether you're in need of a sewer service repair, new installation, or other drainage needs on your property we have the equipment and experience to help. 

Certified Asbestos Sewer Pipe Removal


Trench-less Solutions

There are many cases where homeowners want or need to avoid digging trenches on their property. Using our pipe bursting equipment, we can help. Pipe bursting is a steel cable with a cone head attachment that is pulled through the old sewer pipe. We can also use this method to pull an old or damaged copper water line out while replacing it with new copper pipe. This trench-less solution allows us to tunnel under driveways, walkways, tree's and houses. 

In place of many feet of excavation, there are two access holes dug at each connection location. The cable is pulled through the existing sewer pipe with the cone head breaking the pipe along the way. As the cable is pulled, it tows a PVC pipe to simultaneously replace the broken pipe.

To determine if this trench-less solution is best for you, please contact us to schedule a site visit.


Check out our Pipe Bursting Machine in Action!

Pipe Bursting

Pipe Bursting

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