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Pipe Inspections


We all know how important a home inspection is before buying your dream house. No one wants any unfortunate surprises after signing the stack of paperwork so, we offer a service to take that home inspection one step further to save you the headache. 

With our advanced pipe line camera equipment, we inspect the sewer lines of your future home to find & resolve any underlying issues like root intrusion and cracked sewer pipes. 

Know what your facing
Tree Root Intrusion

Clay pipe was commonly used in the early 1900’s up to about the 1950’s. The fine roots in search of water penetrate the cracks in the pipe caused by ground movement and improper back filling methods. The tree roots grow through the cracks and causing the pipe to break and create a blockage. Some joints that were improperly put together are susceptible to tree root intrusion as well.

Asbestos/Concrete (AC) or trade name “Transite” was used from about the 1940’s to about the 1980’s for sewer and water main lines and services. AC pipe is a concrete pipe which does not have much flexibility, therefore, ground movement or improper back fill causes cracks which then allow roots to intrude into the pipe with the same affect as with clay pipe. If there has been a blockage in the sewer service for an extended period of time, AC pipe is then susceptible to deteriorating, becoming soft like wet concrete. In some cases, we have seen the bottom or “invert" of the pipe actually erode away due to the pipe becoming soft or saturated.

Clay & AC Pipe invaded by thirsty roots!

The Solution

1. We have the ability to work with trench-less technology and pipe liners which can keep excavation to a minimum, saving time and preserving environmentally sensitive areas and landscaping. 

Our Non-Invasive Camera technology allows us to spot root intrusion


2. PVC (PolyVinyl Chloride) pipe is currently used for residential and commercial sewer mains and service lines. Use of PVC in our area became popular in the 1980’s as AC pipe was no longer the preferred pipe to use. PVC pipe is smooth and easy to work with, when properly put together and installed, it’s almost impossible for roots to penetrate the joints and fittings. 

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