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Our Work

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North Shore Drain & Sewer

Drain line being back filled properly with crushed stone.


We have the ability to install and replace water and sewer line with with minimal digging, trenchless solutions. (even under slab houses!)

North Shore Drain & Sewer

Basement sump pump discharge line connected to the city storm drain system. This homeowner will never have to deal with icy sidewalks ever again!


Residential sewer service replaced after back up caused by tree root intrusion.

North Shore Drain & Sewer

Sump pump discharge line exiting the house foundation wall. We seal all holes in foundations with hydraulic water stop cement insuring a water tight installation.


Backfilling a trench has to be done properly so that the trench does not settle and cause problems in the future. Crushed stone should be used around pipes to keep the pipe at the pitch it was installed at.

North Shore Drain & Sewer

Sewer and drain pipes need to be installed with proper pitch or slope in order for them to work properly.


Root Intrusion 

North Shore Drain & Sewer

Example of an excavation due to a cast iron pipe being cut to close to the interior foundation wall.

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