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Our Services

Camera inspections

We determine the cause of your issue, starting with the direction and route of the pipe.  We use a locator to electronically maneuver the camera head so that we can find the trouble spot.  Many different types of materials were used in the past for sewer and drain lines:  cast iron, transite (concrete), clay, even wood!  With these materials, root intrusion is very common as they search for small cracks to reach for moisture. Today, state and local regulations require that plastic or PVC is used; pipe joints are tight and secure to prevent backups caused by tree root infiltration.

NEW HOME BUYERS! Ask for a camera inspection of the sewer service of your potential new home! The last thing you want to deal with during the early stages of new home ownership is a sewer back up! We will also visually inspect the water service line entering your property. 

Sewer and drain service installation & repair

The majority of properties in our service area utilize a municipal sewer system consisting of a main trunk line in which individual branch or service lines allow the waste water from your home or business to travel to a remote sewerage treatment plant. In some cases roots from nearby trees and plants are in search of water and can intrude into the joists in older pipes causing a blockage not allowing the waste water to drain therefore causing a backup. We have the equipment to locate and repair the problem area. Some cities and towns allow residents to connect their sump pump discharge lines into the municipal storm water system, preventing sump pump water from discharging onto the surface and potentially reducing the homeowner’s liability, particularly in the winter when this water may freeze.


Whether you're in need of a sewer service repair, new installation, or other drainage needs on your property we have the equipment and experience to help. 

Drain cleaning 

We  provide cleaning and snaking of main sewer and drain lines exiting your building. With our 3000 psi water jetting machine we can inspect and clean sewer lines up to 6". Aside from tree roots excessive grease from cooking can cause blockages in your sewer line. 

Septic system inspections and repair 


If your property is not serviced by a municipal sewer system you may have an onsite waste water treatment system also know as a septic system. We perform Title 5 inspection and repairs. Currently our pumping is done through Wind River Environmental. Towns that we are currently licensed to install and repair septic systems are Beverly, Boxford, Essex, Gloucester, Hamilton, Manchester, & Topsfield. 

Excavation service 


All of our excavation for repair and installation work is done in house saving you time and money if your in need of a locate and repair of your sewer line. Other drain cleaning repair contractors Subcontract out the excavation portion of sewer and drain repair making an already stressful situation for the property owner more confusing. We are currently licensed drain layers in Beverly, Danvers, Peabody, Gloucester, Hamilton, Manchester, Salem, & Saugus. Some Towns do not require contractors to hold Licenses and post performance bonds. So be sure to check with your city or town to make sure your hiring a licensed contractor to excavate and repair sewer, water or any other utility servicing your property

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